BlueBear LES

BlueBear is a private Canadian company focused on solutions in the fight against Child Exploitation. BlueBear's technology was created because of a demand by Law Enforcement agencies for forensic tools that will automate and assist in the expedient processing of trial cases. With this in mind BlueBear provides a suite of tools for use by Law Enforcement specific to Child Exploitation cases and the identification of individuals associated with these and other cases. BlueBear's flagship product is called LACE ("Law Enforcement Against Child Exploitation").
BlackBag Technologies

Mission Statement: Reveal the truth in data in order to create a safer world.
Purpose: Our informal motto at BlackBag has always been, "Data doesn't lie, people do”; however, revealing the truth in data is more challenging than ever before due to advancements in technology. BlackBag exists to find solutions for these challenges, thereby empowering our customers to seek, reveal, and preserve the truth.
Core Values: Veracity • Integrity • Professionalism
What We Do: BlackBag develops innovative forensic acquisition, triage, and analysis software for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad, and Mac OS X devices. Our software is used by hundreds of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies around the world for criminal investigations, as well as leading corporations and consultants handling HR investigations and eDiscovery matters.

Cellebrite's UFED is the most complete system for mobile forensics and data extraction, incorporating logical and physical, passcode recovery and file system extraction. The UFED provides the latest and most advanced hardware and software technologies, support of thousands mobile phones, smartphones and GPS devices, and covers all major mobile OS and unprecedented analyzing capabilities.

Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, Dtex was launched in Australia in 2000. Dtex has evolved into the lightest, most scalable endpoint solution in the world. Specifically designed for scalability and near-zero performance impact, Dtex is configurable for both local and multinational organizations. This mature, hardened technology enables Dtex to deliver the visibility, transparency and security needed by global businesses to prevent internal threats without compromising user privacy.
Intelligent Endpoint Visibility - combining an incredibly lightweight micro-agent scalable to large numbers of endpoints with a powerful server-based analysis engine to deliver security, visibility, and cost saving solutions.
Baselining and User Behavior Analytics - building a user and application level profile of activity based on Dtex endpoint data not found in any log files, and automatically identifies sudden changes in behavior that indicate high-risk activity.
Guidance Software

Guidance Software is recognized worldwide as the industry leader in digital investigative solutions. The EnCase® platform, with more than 40,000 licenses distributed worldwide, provides the foundation for government, corporate and law enforcement organizations to conduct thorough, network-enabled, and court-validated computer investigations of any kind, such as responding to e-discovery requests, conducting internal investigations, responding to regulatory inquiries or performing data and compliance auditing - all while maintaining the integrity of the data. The EnCase Enterprise platform is used by numerous Federal Civilian and Defense agencies, more than 65 of the Fortune 100, and thousands attend Guidance Software's renowned training programs annually.
Magnet Forensics

Magnet Forensics (formerly JADsoftware) is a global leader in the development of software solutions for digital forensic professionals to assist them in building the best possible cases. Its flagship software, INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER™ (IEF) was developed by a former police officer and forensic examiner who recognized the need for an easy to use, comprehensive tool to help perform digital investigations. Since its creation, IEF has quickly become a trusted solution for thousands of the world’s top law enforcement, government, military and corporate organizations in over 92 countries, used to recover a broad range of Internet-related communications. Court-admissible evidence recovered by IEF from computer hard drives and live memory can include webmail, browser history, social networking and cloud applications, P2P files and instant messaging communications; and has been used to support a wide-variety of investigations including cybercrimes, child exploitation, terrorism, human resource disputes, fraud, and intellectual property theft.

Nuix is a worldwide provider of information management technologies, including eDiscovery, electronic investigation and information governance software. Nuix solutions scale to meet the needs of the smallest or largest organizations, making it faster and easier to undertake investigations and data management activities, no matter the size or complexity of the data sets.
Oxygen Forensics

Oxygen Forensics is the worldwide leader in the development of the advanced forensic data examination tools for mobile devices. The company is dedicated in delivering the most universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Symbian and other operating systems. Oxygen Forensic Detective is all-in-one forensic software to extract and analyze data from multiple sources: mobile devices, their backups, cloud services and call data records. Leading edge technologies deployed by Oxygen Forensics allow to bypass screen lock passcodes, locate passwords to encrypted backups, extract data from secure applications as well as recover deleted information. Mobile device, cloud and CDR extractions are merged together in a single intuitive GUI with rich analytical capabilities: determine common locations and contacts for several devices, view all events in a chronological order and much more.
Passware, Inc.

Passware, Inc. is the worldwide leader of password recovery and e-Discovery software for Federal and State agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, law enforcement, military organizations, and consumers since 1998. Passware's flagship product – Passware Kit Forensic – is included in Certified Computer Examiner (CCE) training. Passware Kit Forensic is a complete evidence discovery solution, providing immediate password recovery for any protected file detected on a PC or over the network while scanning, as well as instant decryption of hard disk images from the seized computers.
Teel Technologies Canada

At Teel Technologies Canada, our Mission is to provide the best tools, training and services for professionals tasked with investigating mobile devices. With a focus on the total lab establishment, training in all skill levels, as well as applying our extensive experience and expertise in our services offering, we provide a comprehensive approach to all clients, to meet their specific requirements. Bringing quality, cost-effective and platform-neutral education to the community, Teel Technologies Canada courses cover both advanced forensics, as well as tool-specific training per customer requirements. Our current course offerings, including Advanced Analysis, Smart Phone Forensics, BlackBerry Forensics and Device repair / Chip removal for examination, provide practitioners with the skills that go beyond the standard logical acquisition and analysis efforts.
Teel Technologies Canada has provided forensic examinations to various Law Enforcement; Military; Government and Private Sector entities worldwide. Our services involve all types of legal environments including Law Enforcement/Military Criminal Warrants to Anton Pillar Civil type warrants.
Tracks Inspector

Tracks Inspector allows non-technical investigators to review multiple exhibits at the same time from any location. They can add comments, tag items and share links while working together on a case. It improves not just collaboration between the investigators, reducing the time required to review the exhibits, but also communication between investigators and digital forensic specialists becomes more efficient.

Our mission is to drive the industry of mobile forensics. MSAB was founded in 1984 and we have a vast experience in mobile technology. Together with pioneering law enforcement, military and intelligence organizations we helped create the mobile forensics industry and we are still committed to driving and leading it forward. Our task is to develop the best possible solutions for mobile forensics and our reason for being is to help our customers do their job for society.

Our proprietary products have become a de factor standard in the field and are used for securing evidence in more than 100 countries. The products are complemented by a wide range of training courses, with the possibility of becoming certified in a forensically sound methodology. MSAB is listed on NASDAQ Stockholm under the ticker symbol MSAB B.